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ompletely unprepared for all that being a mom entailed, there was one thing I knew for certain in the early days: Much about parenting is disgustingly gross and, literally, full of crap. As sort of a civic duty, I will delve into difficult memories of those baby years and reveal five of the many gross things about parenting.
No season causes me to have as much confusion and nausea as fall. After a suffocatingly hot summer, it seems only natural that I would cheer when the air stops burning my lungs. But with the cool air comes other things, things that sicken me and cause me to want to put a clothespin on my nose and walk around with a blindfold. Join me, fellow autumn haters, in rehearsing why fall is the worst.
Anything can happen when you go out and have the courage to live your life—scuba diving, for instance, could lead to a shark encounter. Emotionally, it helps a lot if we have a security blanket of sorts, whether we are a toddler or a full-fledged adult.
It’s football season and, again, tailgating is all the rage. Gone are the days when the thing was to gather around a screen at home and eat football-shaped snacks on the couch during the big games. Now the thing to do is invest thousands and thousands of dollars in tailgating. But tailgating sucks, and here are six reasons why.
Just because a man becomes a husband doesn’t mean he’s automatically equipped to do great handyman work. Many wives just don’t understand this, and it can make life kind of crappy for both of them. (Disclaimer: Of course, there are many women who are great at do-it-yourself handyman work.) Check out some great tips for a beginner handyman.
Commuting is when you regularly travel a considerable distance from your home and your job or school, and it sucks. Check out the following pros and cons of commuting and see if you’re also an over-the-top optimist or if you agree that life is crap when you must commute.