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Face the Uncertainties of Life with Your Adult Blankie

Insurance is great for many things, but there isn’t any insurance for most of the uncertainties in life, which is one reason life can be very crappy. All of us must simply go forth into the great unknown, with no guarantees regarding the outcome. Anything can happen when you go out and have the courage to live your life—scuba diving, for instance, could lead to a shark encounter. Emotionally, it helps a lot if we have a security blanket of sorts, whether we are a toddler or a full-fledged adult.


Linus Had Something There

Linus is one of the famous Peanuts characters by Charles M. Schulz, and his distinguishing characteristic is his security blanket. It is Linus’s source of comfort, and it never seems to fail him. He seems to be the only one of the crew with the benefit of this kind of emotional support. But what about real people?

According to studies on the topic, about 60% of U.S. children have an attachment to a pacifier, blanket, or toy in the first three years of life. They tend to pull away from such objects by age 7. In spite of this, there are many adults who make emotional attachments with objects that serve as a version of a security blanket.

Nostalgia is one of the primary reasons adults continue to hold genuine affection for worn relics of their past. This may be a good thing, according to psychologists. Studies show that facing distressing situations is much easier and less stressful with the presence of a comfort object.


What to Do, In Lieu of a Security Blanket

Since life can throw all kinds of things our way with no warning, it’s a great idea to get yourself equipped to deal with uncertainties, so that fear doesn’t hold you back. If you don’t have a security blanket, there are other things you can do that are, frankly, more grown-up approaches. Here are two ways to face life’s unexpected crap, both of which are practiced by highly successful people:


Let Go of the Illusion of Control

Embrace what you have no control over. Life can feel a lot safer when we feel we are in control, but it’s really a parlor trick. We are, in fact, not in control. The sooner we realize it, the better. A great thing to do is to quit fighting it when you are at the mercy of your unavoidable circumstances. Analyze the facts and recognize them for what they are. Then go forward with a positive attitude.


Maintain Perspective

If you’ve made a decision that did not result in the desired conclusion, recognize that it’s not the end of the world. The people who achieve the most success in the world are those who take the biggest risks. There is some level of uncertainty in just about every decision we make. Keep going, learn from your mistakes, hope for the best, and don’t cave in to the pressure of the moment.

All of us are in this uncertain thing called life together. It’s helpful to have a security blanket, but handling things with a mature, upbeat perspective can be even better. If you were like Peanuts’ Schroeder, you could play a classical tune on piano to accompany your upbeat outlook, whatever life brought your way.

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