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A Few Helpful Tips for when it’s Tough to be a Handyman

Just because a man becomes a husband doesn’t mean he’s automatically equipped to do great handyman work. Many wives just don’t understand this, and it can make life kind of crappy for both of them. (Disclaimer: Of course, there are many women who are great at do-it-yourself handyman work.)

All sorts of mishaps occur when performing handyman duties. A man might laugh about experiencing a face plant with a rake and even get a t-shirt about it, but it really hurts. The same is true of hammering your hand instead of a nail. Some call it slapstick humor but, for others, it’s a personal nightmare. Life is crap for a man with a honey-do list but no handyman skills. The following tips for a beginner handyman might help.


Handyman Tips for Beginners

Though it’s not what it’s all about, you may trick some folks into thinking you have genuine skills, with the following handyman tips. You can do more than you think you can!

How to Hammer a Nail

Hammering a nail is simple, right? No! Hitting yourself instead of the nail is possibly the most common injury to occur in homes and at constructions sites. There is a better way, and you can look like a life hack genius if you try it out. Simply hold the nail in place between the teeth of a comb or needle nose pliers and then hammer away.


How to Strip Paint

If it’s time to paint your home or if you are refinishing a piece of furniture, you can avoid spending hours first scraping and sanding paint off. Environmentally safe chemical strippers are abundantly available that will get the job done for you with incredible ease. Chemical strippers are with the paint thinners and cleaners in the hardware section of stores that carry handyman stuff.


How to Apply Caulking Beautifully

Caulking can be fun, when you know how to make your work look like a professional did it. Another bonus is that you can seal up your house and lower your utility bills.

The first step is to ensure that the surface area you will be caulking is clean, so that the caulking can properly adhere to the surface. If there is residue or oil, isopropyl alcohol can usually clean it right up. Next, place painters tape on both sides of the surface where caulking will be applied.

The secret when applying caulking between the strips of painters tape is to maintain constant trigger pressure. If application looks uneven, you can smooth it with your finger.

Next, dip your finger in water or isopropyl alcohol and smooth the caulking while pressing it against the surface. Wipe your finger off frequently during this process. When you are finished, remove the tape, and wa-lah! The caulking will look great, having been applied in crisp, straight lines.


Clean Paintbrushes

If you have a paint project but your paintbrushes have hardened with paint on them, there’s a hack for that, but you’ll need a saucepan that’s old and deep. Simply pour some vinegar in the pan and boil it. Hold the brush in the boiling vinegar as it boils, without touching the bristles to the bottom of the pan. It may not look like it’s working. But after the vinegar cools from your paintbrush, rinse it and watch paint fall away. As necessary, repeat the process.

It’s crappy to feel like an incompetent. Now that you know some helpful handyman tips, give them a try. You might build your confidence as you try these things out.  It could help to repair things with the author of your honey-do list, as well. You never know till you try.


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