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Even if you were cut from your high school basketball team because of height, you can still enjoy March Madness every year. The top 68 NCAA college basketball teams in the U.S. participate in round one.  The tournament brackets are a source of sport for basketball lovers and gamblers everywhere, as predictions are made about which teams will win in each respective round until there’s a national champion. It’s fun for all. Check out the following six reasons to love March Madness.
March 11-17 is International Brain Awareness Week, but it’s no occasion for rehearsing mental deficiencies. That’s not what it’s about. The thing is that our brains need attention. The following are tips to sharpen your brain and decrease the risk of developing dementia, which is a disease of diminished mental capacity.
Whether you live in an apartment or in your own home, gardening is a great way to love your life more. Everyday aggravations and monotonies aren’t the sum total of a settled existence. You also don’t have to remain bound to handheld screens, as though cluelessly unaware of your inactivity. We live in a beautiful world, and you can cultivate a piece of it for yourself. You may have never considered getting involved with horticulture. The following will acquaint you with the benefits of gardening.
The prize for demonstrating financial responsibility could be worth many thousands of dollars year after year. It’s like winning a lotto if you improve from a poor to a practically perfect credit score! Getting ahead can seem impossible, but you don’t have to be lucky to catch some financial breaks. You do have to be smart. The following are a few of the benefits of having a good credit score.
Cannabis is finally recognized for what it is, with 58% or more of adults in the U.S. agreeing that it should be legalized. And what is marijuana? It’s nature’s own medicine cabinet, not to mention a safer high than alcohol or prescription narcotics. Relatively little is known about the pros and cons of weed because research is sadly lacking. Perhaps that’s because the powers-that-be refuse to allow marijuana to compete with legal sedatives. Whatever the reason, we know, at least, that cannabis has fantastic health benefits. The following are some of the great reasons marijuana should, at the very least, be legalized for medical treatments.
As Valentine’s Day is upon us, many people have love on the brain. If you’re in a dating relationship, you may be concentrating on a gift for your darling. As for married couples, what they might be thinking about with regard to February 14 can only be accurately guessed on a case-by-case basis. But what about the rest of us? We tend to focus on lost or misguided loves. As Cupid is flying around, swinging on ceilings all over the place, it’s perfectly okay to acknowledge that while love is the desire of all our hearts, love can really stink.