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Give Life a Boost with Gardening


Whether you live in an apartment or in your own home, gardening is a great way to love your life more. Everyday aggravations and monotonies aren’t the sum total of a settled existence. You also don’t have to remain bound to handheld screens, as though cluelessly unaware of your inactivity. We live in a beautiful world, and you can cultivate a piece of it for yourself. You may have never considered getting involved with horticulture. The following will acquaint you with the benefits of gardening.


Full-Body Exercise!

Caring for plants is an activity that qualifies as exercise for the entire body, particularly when gardening in a yard where such things as rakes and wheelbarrows are used. Anyone who finds gyms or walking too boring may discover gardening to be a path to better health. Even in a balcony garden, you are working with plants and soil, watering and fertilizing. It’s a healthful activity that could greatly improve your quality of life.


Mood Boost!

Studies show that gardening provides mood-lifting benefits superior to reaching for ice cream or wine when feeling down. People experience reduced anxiety, anger, and depression by investing energy in gardening. Cultivating plants fights stress more effectively than leisurely activities such as reading.


Brain Health!

It is well-proven that productivity and creativity are increased if you are surrounded by plants. You can maintain a collection of potted plants in your home or office, to realize the benefits of gardening. Perhaps the most compelling study related to brain health on this topic showed that daily gardening decreases the risk of dementia by 36%.


Healthier Diet!

If you grow fresh produce in your garden, you will eat more vegetables and fruits. Fresh veggies are much tastier than store-bought produce. Even children enjoy the thrill of eating homegrown food. In schools where students get involved with gardening, studies show they end up improving their diets by eating more greens. With so many processed foods available that are far too tempting and convenient, it’s a big plus to sink your teeth into naturally grown food.


Lose Weight!

Between the added exercise, the healthier eating, and the improved mood, it’s easy to imagine that gardening can help with weight loss. The activities involved with cultivating plants burn calories, and it’s good for your waistline. Gardeners are significantly less likely to be obese or overweight than neighboring non-gardeners. Plus, experts say brisk walking burns approximately 230 calories per hour while gardening burns up to 300 per hour!


Less Stress!

It’s a big deal to reduce the stress in your life because stress is associated with many serious illnesses and diseases. Life can really stink sometimes. Studies have been done to determine whether gardening can reduce stress, and they conclusively show that it does. Getting rid of cortisol, which is known as “the stress hormone,” has an impact on immune function, memory, self-esteem, obesity, and more.


Time to Get Your Hands Dirty!

The generations who came before us probably couldn’t have even imagined the technological world we live in. Maybe they were lucky because far more people were involved with gardening, compared to today. So many of us spend far too much time on our cell phones and computers instead of getting out and actually living our lives. Does that really help with the daily crap of life? Then there is gardening, which isn’t just beneficial. It’s a satisfying way to invest free time. If you’ve never tried it, why not give it a shot? Working with soil may be as uplifting and down to earth an activity as you can find.







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