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4 Reasons Love Can Stink


As Valentine’s Day is upon us, many people have love on the brain. If you’re in a dating relationship, you may be concentrating on a gift for your darling. As for married couples, what they might be thinking about with regard to February 14 can only be accurately guessed on a case-by-case basis. But what about the rest of us? We tend to focus on lost or misguided loves. As Cupid is flying around, swinging on ceilings all over the place, it’s perfectly okay to acknowledge that while love is the desire of all our hearts, love can really stink.


One-The Accidental One Night Stand

Other than the people who are staunchly determined to save themselves for marriage, many single adults have had at least one regrettable dating experience. Among the worst things that can happen to just about anyone is to hope for the best while getting cozy too quickly with a person you feel attracted to. One-night-stands are humiliating experiences that can put a sour taste in one’s mouth for the pursuit of love.



Of all the things that suck about love, getting jilted at the altar bites just about worse than anything. Here you are thinking you’ve found someone who’s going to commit themselves to you for the rest of their life and they don’t show up on your wedding day. This is a heartbreaker that leaves a mark. Fortunately, as much as love hurts, it’s worth trying again.


3-Putting Up with the Husband  

Women who are desperate to become married often get wed and find themselves desperate to be single. Most people do a fairly good job of hiding the not-so-attractive parts of themselves while dating. It’s only after the rings are on that reality comes to life. Husbands as a group tend to exhibit certain behaviors that come down to taking their wives for granted. The saddest part of the whole thing is that the typical woman is so amazing! Men seem hardly to notice the mind-bending multi-tasking and the taking care of mountains of minutia involved with being responsible for a household and for the care of children. Feeling underappreciated all year is why celebrating Valentine’s Day as a couple can mean the world to a wife.


4-Putting Up with the Wife

Wives aren’t the only ones who feel they’re taken for granted. Men with good jobs often find that their wife is overly friendly with the credit cards. There’s an attitude more prevalent today than ever, it seems, that women are too often self-centered shopaholics who only go after a man for the money. Let’s just say that’s a wrong assumption because it’s too sad to think we’ve become a society with quite an abundance of gold diggers. When women are in a relationship for genuine reasons, they tend to be the best thing that ever happened to a man and vice versa.


Is Love Worth the Risk?

Just because all sorts of bad things happen when we give ourselves to love or at least the hope for love doesn’t mean it’s too much trouble. Love truly is worth the risk because it’s like taking a bite out of the best thing life has to offer. At its best, love stays true because it’s far better than the alternative. A true lost love is never forgotten, which stings worse than Cupid’s arrow every Valentine’s Day.


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