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No Sweetheart for Valentine’s Day? No Problem!


Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to get you down if you don’t have a current sweetheart to call your own. First of all, dating isn't all it's cracked up to be. Bottom line is that it’s just a day that capitalizes on romance as a commercial opportunity.  Being single on Valentine’s Day can be the same as being single any other day, except that you can make it better. The following are ways to have a Happy Valentine’s Day as a single person.


Pamper Yourself on Valentine’s Day

Loving others well begins with loving yourself. Self-love is a beautiful thing since you are with yourself all the time! Give yourself the gift of kindness and pampering. You can spoil yourself, whether you have money to spend on Valentine’s Day or not. A few ideas for treating yourself are below:

  • Get cozy with a book by a favorite author and read to your heart’s content.
  • Binge-watch a TV series that makes you happy.
  • Get outside and enjoy nature, whether riding a bicycle, hiking, or going for a drive in the country.
  • Take a luxury bath, using a soothing bath bomb. Light a scented candle and relax.
  • Get a massage, with or without hot rocks.
  • Treat yourself to a day spa.

Do What You Love

Do you find enough time for your favorite hobbies and creative outlets? If not, awaken the joy of creativity in whatever way that works for you.  A few examples follow:

  • Build something.
  • Write a short story or poem or simply write in your favorite journal. If you dream of writing a book, get started on it.
  • Do some sketching or painting.


Sweat it Out!

If you often think your opportunities for romance may be a few or more pounds away, make Valentine’s Day the time you get serious about changing the situation. Join a gym and get in a great first workout. Take a rejuvenating walk or get on your treadmill, to be followed by a new routine of increasing your daily distance. Maybe you could sign up for a fitness class available in your community. Finding romance works best when you have confidence, and we are all more confident when we feel that we look our best.


Hand Out Valentine’s Day Cards or Treats

Feeling the love someone else bestows is lovely, but general philosophy dictates that the love you give has an even greater power to make you happy. Plan ahead and present Valentine’s Day cards and sweet treats to the people in your life. You may want to share with coworkers or the office staff at your child’s school. When you brighten others’ day with a gift, their delight is multiplied back to you.


Spoil your Furry Best Friend

Do you have a dog? If so, don’t forget that every day is like Valentine’s Day to them because of how much they love their caregivers. The love of a dog is entirely unconditional. Do something special for your dog, to return the favor.

If you have a cat, the love for your pet is no less genuine, though you may have doubts regarding whether it’s reciprocal.

Dog, cat, bird, or another animal, do whatever makes your pet happiest on the day of love.


Make Plans with Friends

You don’t need to feel lonely at all if you schedule a get-together with single friends on Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s to share or meal or have a party, make plans with some friends you love to have fun with. Don’t let the social event become a huge pity-party among the lovelorn. Have fun activities planned, or have everyone work together to prepare a delicious meal, followed by a decadent chocolate dessert.


You Are Loved!

Don’t forget that you are loved, and not just on Valentine’s Day. Even if self-love is the only kind you can brag about at the moment, you can ensure that better days are ahead. Work toward becoming your best self, to boost your confidence, and get involved with other people doing things you enjoy most. It’s essential to give romance an opportunity. Keep that in mind, too, this Valentine’s Day.



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