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How you Know Coffee is Basically your Lifeline

There’s a struggle to a hard-working life that many can only overcome with a steady supply of caffeinated coffee. Scientists say the things we must have to survive include air, water, food, shelter, and sleep. This is obviously an incomplete list, since it doesn’t include coffee. I’m among the people who find that life is bearable, as long as I don’t run out of coffee.


When Coffee is Important to Survival

How you Know Coffee is your True Obsession

The following are all statements any coffee junkie can relate to because life truly is crap without it:

  • Before you’ve even opened your eyes, coffee is your first thought every morning.
  • If you wake up in the morning and discover that you are out of coffee or any of the supplies you use to flavor it, the day is ruined.
  • Your coffee station is the focal point of your entire kitchen, even displacing the microwave.
  • As each day progresses, people have more and more difficulty following your conversations, since your mouth can’t keep up with your caffeine-injected thought processes.
  • Forget perfumes or colognes. Your signature scent is coffee.
  • You’ve named your favorite brews, like precious pets.
  • From morning to night, all activities are scheduled around maintaining your coffee fix.
  • No one, not even the cat, will dare approach you until you have fully drained your first cup of coffee and started pouring your second.
  • Getting your coffee just right is as complex as a science experiment, with precise ratios of sugar and cream according to the volume of coffee in the cup.
  • You are very serious about your coffee mug collection. You share but make others nervous about using them.
  • With each season, you have a favorite seasonal coffee flavor.
  • Baristas at every coffee shop you frequent know you by name and prepare your order with great care to escape wrath.
  • When you travel, the first priority as you arrive to your destination is determining where you will get your coffee.
  • You have a collection of punch cards from coffee shops that you give you a tenth cup of coffee free, and they are carefully organized in alphabetical order.
  • People are often freaked out about your level of intimacy with your coffee-filled coffee cup.
  • When you find out someone doesn’t like coffee, you never look at them quite the same again.


What Makes Coffee So Great?

Although the truly coffee-obsessed can’t comprehend why, many people are at a loss to understand such a great love for coffee. All over the world, people love coffee; and it’s not just because it’s fun to post Instagram photos of creatively artistic latte foam. The caffeine in coffee makes people feel ready for anything—it’s a rush! When the caffeine is served in a delicious specialty cup of coffee, life is like a dream.


How do you Like your Coffee?

If you haven’t explored the delights of coffee, don’t judge. It could be that if you ever got a first taste of your version of the ultimate cup of coffee, you would probably join the coffee lovers’ club. It’s only then you would recognize that life sucks without coffee.







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