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Back To School, Back To TV

Heading back to school may be a bummer but Life is Crap's Simon doesn't see it that way. Check out Simon's TV picks that you're sure to love if you don't already!

Simons' september fall tv show picks

Dancing With The Stars
The first premiere of fall prime-time TV? Dancing With the Stars! Now in their 28th season, this hit dancing TV show offers athletes, actors, singers, and reality TV stars the opportunity to compete with seasoned professional dancers to win the mirror ball trophy. This season's stars include a Bachelorette (Hannah B.), a Queer Eye Guy (Karamo Brown), a politician (Sean Spicer), and a basketball player (Lamar Odom) among others. Who will take the crown? Find by watching and voting, starting September 16th.

The Neighborhood
This sitcom comes back for its sophomore season. Starring Cedric the Entertainer and Max Greenfield, this sitcom is ready to keep audiences entertained all over again.

All Rise
Into the drama of the courtroom? This new TV show follows the lives of the people who work behind the scenes in the courtroom, from the judge to the prosecutors, but takes viewers behind the courtroom and into their private lives.

Dr. Phil McGraw created this hit show on CBS, now in its 4th season. Go into the minds of the juror and jury selection and step into the life of Dr. Jason Bull, the psychologist behind it all.

The Good Doctor
Freddie Highmore is the center of this medical drama, as an autistic savant medical doctor working with other doctors in a hospital. Follow Highmore's Shaun Murphy's life behind the double doors of the hospital wing and watch him intermingle with his co-workers and those in his life as this show reaches its third season on ABC.

The Voice
Everyone's favorite hit singing show is back. Move over, American Idol, this show has held the competition singing show crown for a while now. The U.S. version of this franchise is currently in its seventeenth season. Join judges Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, John Legend, and Kelly Clarkson, as they look to take the trophy home and find the next superstar - don't forget the two night premiere!

Follow the lives of Los Angeles modern-day superheroes - from the firefighters, the police officers, and the EMTs - as they go through their jobs each day. Going into the third season, you can watch along as the drama unfolds on the streets and off.

Doesn't everyone love crime dramas? Simon sure does. Follow the lives of FBI agents and friends as they find their own drama among crimes with no limitations. Now in its third season!

The Conners
Sometimes, the spin-offs are better than the original. In the case of the Conners, this is true. Coming off of the death of Roseanne, the Connors must find their way through their struggles as a family. Catch the second season sans-Roseanne back on your screens this fall. Simon loves a comeback story.

Now in its sixth season, this TV show has reached the hearts of millions. Centered around an African-American family and their everyday life, this sitcom hits home for people everywhere. When it returns, you can expect the same laughs and unforgettable characters and guest stars.

This Is Us
America's favorite TV drama is back and here to bring the tears. Even Simon couldn't resist crying a bit! When the fourth season premieres, you can expect the same drama you got in seasons 1-3 but with much more tears than you'll ever expect. Are you ready?

New Amsterdam
A doctor takes on the challenge of revamping a public hospital's broken down system of care. Watch as Dr. Max Goodwin works his way through the hospital, using his thoughts for good - even if it isn't always easy. Now in its second season!

The Resident
Fall is all about the medical dramas - and Simon can't get enough of it. The Resident explores the lives of doctors at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital, where there is no shortage of drama. With a variety of new faces coming in this season, the third facet of this show is going to be the best yet.

The sixth and final season! We always love a happy ending, though this one might not be that happy. Who will Lucious Lyon pick to take over his crown when he dies? Tune in to find out with the staggering conclusion right around the corner!


The Goldbergs
Based on his life growing up in New Jersey, Adam Goldberg's sitcom about suburbia in the 80s provides viewers with relatable content that they can take back to their real lives. A good old fashioned family sitcom in its seventh season? Don't mind if you do.

Now in its jaw-dropping 39th season, Survivor hits the airwaves once again this fall. Join the newest crop of contestants, find your favorite, and get voting! Who will stay on the island?

Modern Family
This hilarious comedy about your anything-but-typical American family is coming to a close. It's been on TV so long, the character who plays Lily wasn't even on the show when it started, and now we've watcher her and the rest of the crew grow up. As this Emmy winning, long-running series comes to a close, we can only wonder what the Dunphys and the Pritchetts are going to get into this season.

Chicago PD
A good, old fashioned cop series never goes out of style. Now in its seventh season, viewers can enjoy their favorite cops getting into drama, patrolling the streets, and tracking down baddies. 

Young Sheldon
Now that the Big Bang Theory is off the air for good (without anymore new episodes, anyway) its Young Sheldon that viewers love. Narrated by older Sheldon Cooper, viewers can see Sheldon's upbringing and life as he goes to high school at age nine due to his extreme intelligence. 

The seventh season of this comedy follows us through the crazy life of Bonnie and Christy Plunkett, as they still struggle to get their lives together and make names for themselves. If you didn't think this show could get any funnier, think again.

Grey's Anatomy
The OG of medical dramas, you can catch Gray's Anatomy every Thursday. Now you can catch this show in its sixteenth season featuring Meredith and all of her medical cohorts. If you thought they ran out of ideas - you were wrong. This is Shondra Rhimes we're talking about!

America Ferarra stars and produces this NBC comedy, which revolves around a big box superstore (hence the name.) Experience the drama of the employees and the customer through the eyes of the hard-working and diverse people who run the show.

The Good Place
Getting into its fourth and final season, the Good Place explores morals and philosophy in a clear an original way. Some might argue that the end of this comedy is short-lived, but it in fact is receiving the ending it deserves. Join the characters in their last adventures before the conclusion.

Hawaii 5.0
Fighting crimes in Hawaii isn't all fun and games. Join the police squad for another season (their tenth) or kicking butt and taking names. 

American Housewife
The series fourth season provides housewive Katie and her family the opportunity to get themselves acclimated to Connecticut's life. Slotted with the once-beloved Friday night spot, this show is still underrated and is worth a watch this season.

Sunday TV is for football and comedy. Winning Emmys, getting a Hollywood Star on the Walk of Fame, and now in its 31st season, the Simpson family has garnered praise and criticisms from just about everybody. Join the family in this satirical comedy about the "American dream" for another hilarious season.

Bobs Burgers
The Blecher Family is just as crazy as Homer and the gang, but their shenanigans are just a little more flipped. Returning for its tenth season, Bob's Burgers will bring you some laughs, some burgers, and some more original music before their feature-length film drops next summer.

Family Guy
You didn't think this show was dead, did you? Yes, Family Guy comes back for its eighteenth season this fall, where we'll find the Griffins probably where we last left them. This show will never die - just like the monkey in the closet.

Prime Time TV is back this fall and Simon can't wait! What are you most looking forward to this season?

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