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5 Reasons Christmas Sucks and so does Santa Clause

Everywhere you go, it’s looking a lot like Christmas. The classic green and red colors are nicely offset these days with tones of silver and blue; but there is much a person could complain about, too. Scrooge isn’t the only grump at Christmas. For many reasons, Christmas can suck, for those of us who are really honest with ourselves. The following are a few of them.


ONE-Too Expensive

Most people can agree that Christmas can become ridiculously expensive. Not everyone gets a cash bonus to help them afford all the gifts that need to be bought for so many people. It can be embarrassing and depressing at the same time. In spite of this, we don’t need to let lack of cash flow get us down. Remember, practically everyone has had lean times. If they choose to have amnesia about that, it’s their problem. Do what you can, not what you can’t, and everything will be all right.


TWO-Too Much Good Food

The food at Christmas is wonderful and terrible at the same time, for those of us prone to reach for the sweets. You can get cavities and new fat layers from all those sugar cookies, candy canes, pies, chocolates, and other goodies that seem to be everywhere you go at Christmastime. The older you get, the harder it is to lose those extra pounds, too. Overindulging can really put a damper on the jolly season, leaving you feeling bloated and listless.


THREE-Bad Presents

Christmas is more about giving than getting, but even the best givers are only human. It’s wonderful to get a gift you really want. This can be especially true when you’ve been careful to buy other people things they will love—sometimes at great expense. But even when the spirit of Christmas is glowing in your heart, a series of thoughtless presents or a total lack of gifts can let the air out of the whole deal.


FOUR-No Kids in the House

The magic of Christmas exists largely in the faces of children on Christmas morning. If you’ve never had children or when the memories of having children in the house fade and the years go by, eventually, Christmas can begin to feel like a depressing reminder of better days gone by. The best thing to do is remember that you are not alone in facing this dilemma. Well in advance of December, get with friends or make friends and prepare to create a wonderful new version and new memories of Christmas. Sadly, this might be more doable than wheedling an invitation from family members.


FIVE-Santa Claus Overload

Television shows and movies about Santa Claus clog up the programming on most channels every December. The jolly elf is at store entrances ringing a bell and on many street corners, as well. Things with Santa are worse than ever this Christmas, with parents finding out that it’s almost never free anymore to visit him. When you allow the kids to tell Santa they’ve been very good and have a list of things they want on Christmas morning, you have to pay up for that.


Hoping your Christmas Doesn’t Suck

Give yourself a t-shirt you really want and buy one for a friend, too. Let your grousing about the season be known by the sweatshirts and hoodies you wear. Hate it when Santa’s reindeer leave poop on your lawn? There’s a sweatshirt for that. Disillusioned that you have to pay for a visit to Santa? You can wear a t-shirt about a disastrous visit on Santa’s lap, too. Cheer up! January will be here before you know it—then you can hate Valentine’s Day.

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