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5 Crappy Things That Happen In An Office Job

The Crappy Office Job

There are so many crappy things that happen in an office job, it’s unbelievable. Everyone knows there’s nothing worse than having a horrible boss. Co-workers can also suck for a multitude of reasons, including making incessantly loud noise typing erratically on their keyboard. When the office coffeemachine is broken, it can make for weeks that feel like months. There are also those things happening that we don’t even realize. Some are so bad; it can make you wonder why you haven’t found a new profession. But then you remember that an office job is still better than most alternatives!

5 Crappy Things That Happen At Your Office Job

1.) Sitting at Your Desk all Day Destroys your Body

Sitting down for lengthy periods of time is actually very terrible for your body. Wonder why you are full of aches and pains? It’s because you’re on a path to early death. Here is the kicker: Even if you work out regularly, all that sitting puts you at an increased risk for diabetes, cancer, heart disease, obesity, and muscular skeletal disorders.

2.) Your Computer Causes a Plethora of Problems

Work is generally all centered around the computer. This is where your vision can go bad from all the strain. It can also cause migraines and headaches, to stare at a screen all day. The keyboard itself is generally full of harmful bacteria. And if you use your mouse all day in the same basic position, you’re opening yourself up for painful injury. Such crap!

3.) You Eat Too Much Crap

Perhaps you frequent the office snack machine on a regular basis, as a way to stay awake in the afternoons. If you make it a habit of eating fast food, you are eating double the calories compared to other similar foods in the same quantity. Fast foot is packed with oxidized fat that puts you at greater risk for heart problems. All things considered, weight control could become a distant dream.

4.) The Building has Bad Air Quality

You are breathing air all day long that can be up to 100 times dirtier than outside air. The Environmental Protection Agency has defined this phenomenon as “Sick Building Syndrome.” If you work in this kind of building, you are regularly exposed to chemicals and gases that are bad for your health. The types of pollutants you are breathing in include toxic particles, bits of mold all around you, and pollutants in the air conditioning vents. This is why you don't get to save paid sick days for long weekends away.

5.) You Think it’s Friday all Day but it’s Thursday

If you ever have one of those days when you’re happy because you think it’s Friday but then you have a breakdown because it’s only Thursday, you may need avacation.

5 Crappy Office Things With A Silver Lining

On bad days at the office, you can be thankful for little things, like that you haven’t dropped yourphone in the toilet for months. Finding silver linings may be the only way to survive.

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