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Why is Weight Loss so Dang Hard?

Just about everyone looks and feels noticeably better at the right weight. And it feels great to look your best. So why is it so easy to gain weight and so hard to lose fat as you get older? There are actually many reasons life is kind of crappy because of the difficulty of weight loss.

Easy food

Eating healthy is a lot of hassle, which has a lot to do with making healthy options palatable. Things like pizza, chips, and ice cream are handy and delicious. If you’re going to lose weight, it helps to count calories and weigh food. If you eat salad, the dressing may even be too fattening or sugary to make the sacrifice of eating salad worth it. You have to be ready to invest time and effort, to eat in a way that helps you lose weight.


Even when you manage to make the right food choices, other people can spoil your efforts. Whether the problem is birthday cake at work or junk food at home, it can be really tough to eat right when surrounded by temptation. If you could purge the pantry at home, eating right can be a lot easier. But then you still have to avoid:

  • Grocery shopping when you’re hungry
  • Snacking in the workplace

Emotional eating

Food is an excellent comfort that can replace all kinds of things missing in our lives. Emotional eating is like a salve that helps to heal wounds. Without even realizing what’s happening, eating becomes a treatment for the woes of life. This kind of eating often begins early in life and becomes a really tough habit to overcome. Chocolate in particular is great for the emotions because it is proven to be a great mood lifter. The good news about chocolate is that you can, at least, eat dark chocolate and it’s healthy for you.

Exercise sucks

Working makes a person tired, and getting exercise instead of chillin’ is a tough decision to make. It’s not easy to move from a sedentary life to a life of exercise. The muscles ache and make you feel miserable. Starting a new habit is difficult enough without causing you physical pain, to boot.

Last of all, it takes time, patience, and perseverance to do the things that result in weight loss. It takes a whole lot of sweat, sacrifice, and determination to do it. On the bright side, there’s surgery!

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