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What to Do in the Traffic Jam After the Storm

What to Do in the Traffic Jam After the Storm

Numerous cities along the Texas coast and throughout southeast Texas were/are under water because of Hurricane Harvey. The water is still subsiding in many towns and neighborhoods, as residents deal with being displaced or tearing out flooring and sheetrock and kissing destroyed belongings goodbye. Another effect of Hurricane Harvey is that Houston is experiencing a wholenew level of tangled traffic. Even though it has the country’s worst traffic on a section of freeway near The Galleria, the worsening conditions have caused massive outcries for relief.

Things to Do in a Traffic Jam

The very worst thing to do in a traffic jam is probably to get caught up with road rage. This could lead to an actual arrest or worse. No, there are plenty of great things you can do while stuck in a traffic jam. Here are a few ideas:

  • Turn on some music. Whether you listen to the radio or play the music on your iPod through the car speakers, music can turn a frustrating trip into an on fleek jam session.
  • Make some phone calls you don’t typically have time for. You could call the nearby dollar theatre to see what’s showing over the weekend, for a cheap excursion. Calling your mom or perhaps an oft-neglected friend is a great idea because at least while you’re bumper-to-bumper, you can spread some happiness.
  • A great strategy for transforming your drive to and from work into pure enjoyment is to listen to books on tape. Never tried one? Check one out at the local library.
  • Think about your workday ahead. Spend time gathering your thoughts. You can reduce stress at work by considering the day’s duties ahead of time and planning the day.
  • If you’re a passenger, there are plenty of things you can do, including: Do some social networking on your Facebook or Twitter account; watch a movie; send some work emails; work a fun crossword or word search puzzle.

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According to some psychologists, bad traffic is the biggest cause of everyday stress. A major traffic jam is just the worst! It’s really important for your health to stay as calm as possible, quiet anxious thoughts, and just breathe. Get a Traffic Jam T-Shirt at Life is and make light of the frustrating situation. Bad traffic is like a cloudy day. You know the sunshine is just on the other side. At least the big storm has already passed.

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