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Top Causes of Having a Bad Day

A study was released this year that delivered bad news many of us already suspected. People in the U.S. have about 60 bad days every year, on average. That’s more than one bad day every single week that rolls around. No wonder life is crap! What are some of the reasons a day goes totally down the crapper for you?

No One is Immune

There is a saying something like “ No good deed goes unpunished.” This is just a hint at the reality that everyone experiences bad days. Even the saintliest among us falls victim to the dreaded curse. It seems like justice when a wicked person experiences some kind of comeuppance. But all the air is sucked out of a bad day being a deserved punishment when one realizes we are all walking on quicksand of one kind or another.

Lack of Sleep

Research may be able to help some of us dig our way out of this awful bad-day ratio. Studies show we just need to start getting a proper amount of sleep at night. Apparently, getting an insufficient amount of shuteye is the direct cause of 67% of bad days. That’s encouraging news for those of us who can get a handle on keeping reasonable hours.

The Cleansing Balance

A testament to our wealth in the U.S. plus a bit of an embarrassment is that a quarter of Americans have their day ruined because they didn’t have the usual hot water in their shower that morning. Meanwhile, let’s get real, billions of people in the world don’t even have clean drinking water. So, yeah, we are kind of delicate on what constitutes a bad day. Another way to put it is that we could offset our bad days by putting into perspective just how much we do have compared the vast majority of people sharing the earth’s resources.

Bad Hair Days

Now bad hair days may seem silly to people with real problems, but they are an actual thing. Science has found that we suffer profound effects from having a bad hair day. Our mental well-being is all off balance, whether we are male or female, all because of an unruly coif. You can experience more self-doubt, loss of self-esteem, and even feel ashamed. Bad hair days truly suck and they are experienced by 25% of us.

Offsetting a Bad Day

The number one tip for feeling better after having a really bad day is to exercise, and 95% of the people surveyed agreed with this remedy. Now that you know what may be around the next corner for you, don’t dread bed head or any other major threat on your day. Maybe knowing you’re not alone can make it a little easier to grin and bear it.

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