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The End of Bad Hair Days: Sort of a Rant

Bad hair days have been an everyday matter for me for decades, which really sucks. I gave up on paying for expensive salons and started spending $7 per cut because they were of equal quality. It’s not necessarily that the cuts were bad. I never knew how to fix my hair, in spite of trying to learn. Then suddenly, about nine months ago, I went to a beautician who owns her own local salon right near my home. What does she do? From the first visit, she cut my hair and then styled it in a way that I can do myself. I paid close attention to what she did, and it wasn’t hard at all.

But then I made a time-tested discovery; this woman truly knows what she is doing. I let my hair grow out through two minor trims that had me feeling better about my looks. Then on the fourth cut, with my hair medium-long instead of short, she gave me a layered cut and the final styling secret that I needed to fix my own hair in an attractive way every day. Now my hair is the best looking thing about me daily. But I can’t help but be angry that I’ve lived my entire life looking disheveled and unkempt due to lack of hair-styling skills. Being frugal, I only splurged on an expert hairdo for family weddings.

The Importance of Nice Hair Styling

I missed out on a great job opportunity at least one time because of my hair. Someone in authority actually said so later, in a conversation I heard by accident. There were other factors, I’ve come to recognize, even though I out-qualified my single competitor by ten miles. But to think my stupid hair issues contributed to the snub was discouraging. That was the time when I realized my hair problems were worse than I thought.

The following are more benefits of nice hair and disadvantages of bad hair, both of which are topics I know well:

  • With a great hair style, you look more like a professional than a bag lady.
  • People assume you are either lazy or have poor self-esteem, without a nice hairdo.
  • You have more confidence when you know your hair looks great.
  • The nice features of your face and clothing are complemented by poised hair.
  • A bad hair day increases self-doubt.
  • Studies show that you feel smart and perform tasks more capably when you are having a good hair day.
  • When your hair looks good, it provides evidence that you take good care of yourself.
  • For good or bad, you’ll be remembered for your hair.

The Missing Styling Secret

My hair life has been poorly lived, especially when you factor in that God gave me a nice head of wavy brown hair. The potential was always there. Learn from me. Don’t settle for a life of bad hair. I totally regret it, and I’m sure you would, too. Here is what my missing secret was: After blowing hot air on a section with a round brush to curl or straighten, use the brush once more the same way and give the hair a final cold shot with the blow dryer.

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