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Simon's Back To School Essentials

Whether you're heading back to school now or have a few more weeks, Simon knows nobody is looking forward to it. Check out his guide for Back To School Essentials from Life Is Crap!

Simons' back to school essentials from Life Is Crap

1. Index Cards
Simon habits are formed as young as when they first get to school. Give them the tools that they need to really kill it this year with index cards. Make it more fun with different colored cards for different subjects or study topics.

2. Lunch Box
Simon Says...stay on trend and save the world (or try to) with a reusable lunch box. While disposable bags are easier, you can cut down on your carbon footprint with stylish lunch boxes and bags. 

3. Highlighters
Simon Says...Pair this with the index cards for vibrant study time! Let the words jump out on the page with different colored highlighters to help them study even harder.

4. Pencil
Simon Says...Everyone makes mistakes! Pens are too permanent and the youngsters are going to require lots of pencils. Get novelty ones with their favorite characters on them or enjoy the classic #2. Simon advises to stock up on these!

5. Pens
Simon Says...This is for those who dare. Feeling permanent? Older ones will love the purchase pens in all different colors. Be sure to stock up on these for a little more commitment when it comes to their homework and tests.

Simon Says...Get your fresh kicks for the new school year! From gym class to every day, they'll need them to get anywhere they need to go. Plus, they can show off their sense of style with different back-to-school fashions.

7. Backpack
Simon Says...How else are they going to get around in style? Be sure to pick them up a fresh new backpack that will hold everything they need to get through the day. From totes to knapsacks, they can keep it all together while looking put together.

9. White Out
Simon Says...It's okay to make mistakes. (Trust us, he's made a lot of them - just look at any of the designs from Life Is Crap - he's usually featured.) That's why White Out saves the day. Plus, they don't have to use the paint anymore. Pens and strips are a better way for the little ones to use this classic life-saver.

10. Notebook
Simon Says...You'll need tons of these. Choose from wide-ruled or college-ruled and start color-coding. From one subject to five subjects, they can take notes, jot down ideas, and even doodle in style. 

11. Binder
Simons Says...The older ones will love this way to stay organized in school. With different styles and colors, each subject can have its own color. Don't forget your looseleaf paper and dividers to make each binder a world of its own.

12. Folders
Simons Says...This is the perfect pairing for notebooks. Just as you color code notebooks and binders, color code the folders as well. Be sure to stock up on these for a purposeful organization.

What are you back to school must-haves? Comment below!

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