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Infestations: Potential Terrors of Nature

As you are going along in life, have you ever been one of the unfortunate people to experience an infestation of nature? There is a television show which captures real life terror many families have experienced as a result of being overrun by nature in their homes. In this sense, nature isn’t the atmosphere that heals the spirit. Infestations give nature a horrifying twist. There are countless types of infestations, which is enough to make you itch just thinking about it.

What’s in the Walls?

The rate at which rats multiply, it’s a wonder the world isn’t overrun with them all the time. Rats invade homes and sometimes entire countries. In Australia, it is said that there is a plague of rats about once every lifetime. The rats multiply to the extent that they are everywhere and in everything. When this happens, until a solution is found, rats crawl into automobiles, not to mention in every wall, nook, and cranny of homes. Human intervention finally stops the madness. Meanwhile, it’s more common for certain smaller areas to become vulnerable to a rat infestation. For one family, there was no way to control the population of rats until it was discovered that a pipe led straight from the city sewer into the family’s attic. Once that pipe was closed off, they got rid of the rats once and for all.

Animals and Insects of All Kinds

Horrible infestations of creatures inside people’s homes are not altogether common, thank goodness. When they happen, though, it is a nightmare for whoever dwells there. The following is some info about several home invaders that people don’t see coming and then have a horrible time getting rid of:

  • Bed bugs are extremely difficult to evict, but it’s possible. In the meantime, vampire-like creatures numb you before sucking your blood while you sleep. The sores they cause itch and can become infected. Bed bugs are absolutely nightmarish invaders, and the expense to get rid of them is often too high for those affected. Changes in federal laws sometime around 2008 made effective bed bug repellant unavailable, which has caused the bed bug problem to grow.
  • One family moved into a new home and didn’t realize their roof had a hole in it, and possums were getting into the house. They were living in the attic but also fell down into the walls. They couldn’t get out of the walls, and dead carcasses of possums began to pile up throughout the home. Once the walls were identified as the source of horrific odors, the problem was identified and the possums were eliminated. The horrific smells have probably lingered.

In these stories about infestations, the people are always faced with all kinds of expense as well as potential disease. Sometimes the dangers are life-threatening. Infestations are just another way people come to realize that life is often pure crap and nature can be your worst nightmare.

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