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Hurricane Harvey Proves what America is Really About

Hurricane Harvey Proves what America is Really About

A hurricane named Harvey is currently making history as one of the nation’s worst natural disasters ever. A long-time weather man from the Houston, Texas, area speaks about what happened to make this an extraordinary storm in this article about the historic hurricane damage. President Donald Trump made a statement about federal support of the millions of people affected in this storm that has consumed a huge segment of the expansive state with massive rainfall that is continuing day after day after day after day, in unprecedented style.The President couldn’t help but speak mostly about the incredible spirit of Americans on display in Texas. Everyone is in this together--including people that have come by the thousands from other states to give aid. During this time of devastation in which countless lives have been, as the president said, “upended,” there are countless incredible displays of kindness, compassion, bravery, teamwork, and selflessness, without regard to skin color. The response to the storm has overshadowed this historic storm itself, though there are still days to go. It’s good to know that when life turns to total and complete crap, people are at their very best to lend a helping hand and show the true spirit of the U.S.A.

The Silver Lining

Truly, the cloud that has stationed itself over an enormous segment of Texas as well as parts of Louisiana has a silver lining. At a time when many are quite obviously creating racial divide in our country, the truth of our nation’s spirit is being proven as something quite different. Something big needed to happen to show that this media-inflamed outbreak of racial tensions perpetrated by groups suspected to be paid for their shenanigans is a big lie. The reality is that we are a country that recently elected its first black president -- for two terms! That was evidence that skin color isn’t the issue many are claiming it is. Hurricane Harvey is like a stage on which the character of America is being demonstrated. We are a big family in this nation. We care about one another as fellow human beings, not making distinctions based on skin hue.

But Still, it’s Soggy Outside

Yes, it gives the heart a lift to see how very big-hearted people truly are. But it doesn’t mean that wading in storm waters is any less yucky and uncomfortable. And talk about a crappy development, thousands of homes are under water. Wear this Broken Umbrella T-Shirt to show your support for victims of Hurricane Harvey. Contribute to your favorite, trusted charity, too, if you can help with the massive recovery that’s ahead after the storm finally passes.

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