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How to Keep Your Cool When Waist-Deep in Hot Water

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Everyone can relate to being in hot water, like the adorable creature in this Hot Lobster T-Shirt from Life is Crap. Life does not always go according to plan, and that’s a universal experience. There’s a certain level of comfort in knowing we are not alone in our sufferings. A lot of things may be out of our hands, and life can be tough, but one thing that’s always in our power is our attitude.

Staying positive when you find yourself in hot water

Life can be going along just swimmingly when suddenly, things aren’t so comfortable anymore. Trouble often comes through absolutely no fault of our own. A bad, uninsured driver blindsides us and puts major dents in our car and our plans. Nature rains down some sort of devastation directly where we live. The company kiss-up gets the promotion, though your accomplishments outweigh theirs 10 to 1. Yep, life can be hard. The best response is to stay positive, no matter what.

The following tips can help you keep a hopeful attitude when life is total crap:

  • Trust that everything is going to turn out all right in the end. One of the things we can usually depend on is that bad things “come to pass.” Rarely do they “come to stay.” However, when life throws a permanent curve, trusting that you’ll find joy in your new circumstances is always a great decision.
  • Spend time in meditation. You don’t have to chant a mantra or learn a yoga pose to get benefit from personal reflection. The happiest people are those who draw on confidence from within. The deeper the inner peace, the less likely it is that tough situations will overturn your boat.
  • Pay attention to which thoughts you are dwelling on and shift your focus to positive and good things instead of problems. Count your blessings, as they say. It’s what we think about that affects our level of joy, or lack thereof. Think on good things. This strategy can help at any given time.
  • If troubling circumstances have pulled you in like a rip current in beach waters, quit fighting. Just let go, take a deep breath, and then calmly swim parallel to the shore to get out, symbolically speaking. Fighting the raindrops falling on your parade isn’t productive. Adapt and move in a good direction as soon as you can get your footing.

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