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Global Warming and the Great Finger Hoax

Recently a cold front swept across the U.S., making Austin, Texas, colder than Alaska. This is no hoax. But obviously, for many of us, theories about mankind causing global warming is one of the biggest tricks in modern times. There are plenty of hoaxes to be flushed out in this world, and this is something I know by experience. A hoax was recently perpetrated upon me in my own kitchen. It was done with great precision and care. My grown-ass daughter, who tends to cut and burn herself when cooking, saved up fake blood from the Halloween season. Six months later, she was loudly chopping vegetables and suddenly began screaming like a banshee and calling for her momma (me). I tremblingly ran into the kitchen and indeed saw the end joint of her index finger on the cutting board, covered in blood. Of course, I was filmed freaking out in sadly hilarious fashion over the bit of carrot doused with fake blood. It was a cruel joke that turned my insides into jelly. She must pay for what she did! But at least the hoax didn’t cost anyone millions, like a finger hoax that was played on Wendy’s back in March of 2005.

A Costly Hoax

A couple in California devised a hoax claiming that the wife found a piece of a human finger in her chili from a Wendy’s restaurant. Their claim made national news, and the story cost Wendy’s more than $1 million daily in lost sales. A reward of $100,000 was offered by Wendy’s to find out how the finger ended up in the chili. A police investigation ultimately uncovered the hoax. Someone the husband worked with lost a hand, and that’s where the finger came from. He and his wife had conspired to cash in on a claim against Wendy’s for the “chili finger.”

Scientific Manipulation

You may be like me and still think about Wendy’s chili with skepticism, even if you aren’t always sure why. You may also be among those convinced of global warming, what with photos of sickly polar bears and melting glaciers. But many scientists have revealed their findings that it is hogwash. People across the planet are lining their pockets with wealth, thanks to the bogus claim used to affect laws and levy huge taxes. Because so many people involved in the hoax are the “powers that be,” the scientists who are brave enough to expose the major trick are fired from their jobs and smear campaigns are waged to discredit them. This crap is way worse than any finger hoax I’ve ever heard of, partly because others like me who refuse to accept the false narrative are made out to be stupid. Hoaxes…another solid argument to prove Life is Crap.

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