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7 Reasons Moving is the Absolute Worst

There are countless stories about the nightmare of moving, and anyone who has moved more than once probably has one of those tales. Nothing creates a fear of dread in me like packing up and moving my belongings. Moving is notoriously the one occasion upon which you can expect your dearest best friends and loved ones to be unavailable in your hour of greatest need. Lack of help is just the tip of the iceberg. The following are seven of the many reasons moving is just the worst.

1-Finding a Place

Homes and apartments for rent never seem to look as great in person as they do online. Many hours are spent looking at potential new homes. It’s not just the letdown of the actual rental space. It’s also sometimes the fact that a perfect home is in a really bad location, such as downwind from a city dump, or near a railroad track that runs at the worst hours.

2-The Cost

It has gotten to where moving requires approximately $7,000, between deposits, upfront payments, movers, and fees. This is a serious amount of cash. Moving always sucked, but now it’s far worse because of escalation of related expenses.

3-Sacrifices to Afford Moving

Moving means giving up something. You may have to sacrifice an annual vacation. Once you’ve gathered that much money, you can’t help but think what a nice trip to Italy it could pay for. Or it could be the humiliation of asking parents for a loan that puts moving in the crap pile of life.

4-Packing Everything

It’s impossible for a person to realize just how much stuff they have until it’s time to fit just about everything into boxes. Packing is shockingly time-consuming, if you’ve accumulated years of belongings. If you are a hoarder, even if only a borderline hoarder, packing is a full-on nightmare.


There can be some great movers. But in my experience, at least 99% of them are running some kind of strategy for milking the hourly charge. I’ve seen a mover repeatedly place one small box on a large dolly instead of stacking several on to load up in the truck. Then, of course, there is the fear and/or reality of broken belongings during the moving process.

6-A Horrible Twist

After all the expense and stress and work of moving, more often than not, you discover that your new home has something horrible about it. Whether it’s extremely noisy neighbors, an infestation of cockroaches, unpleasant odors, or a saggy floor, something always seems to go terribly wrong.

7-Double Cleaning

If all the other work involved in moving weren’t enough, you get to clean two homes entirely in the same day. Every cabinet, drawer, shelf, object of porcelain, and foot of flooring needs to be thoroughly cleaned. It’s a wonder anyone survives.

Every time I’ve moved, I’ve sworn never to move again. Most recently, I lived in the same nice apartment complex for 10 years. One of the secret reasons to put off moving up to a rental house, as a great upgrade, was a deep-seated dread of moving. At this moment, I face moving to a house in two weeks. I am not ready for this. 

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