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4 Reasons Men Have it So Easy Compared to Women

It gave me such a thrill recently when I saw that the men’s line to the restroom was really long at a concert I was attending. Very rare is it that men can’t simply walk up to a urinal or go into a stall with no waiting. Women, on the flipside, can’t afford to put off a visit to the ladies’ room, for fear of having an accident while waiting in line. The satisfaction it gave me to see men anxiously waiting their turn, looking confused that there was a line, got me thinking that men have it so easy in more ways than convenient bathroom access. They need to recognize.

1-Monthly Visits from Flo

There is no menstruation for men, which almost makes them like another species. Once visits from Aunt Flo begin somewhere in the early to mid teens, every single month that rolls around brings a week of hormonal fluctuations, bloating, cramping, and inconvenient bleeding. For most women, the relentless monthly bouts of torture are only interrupted by pregnancy.


Speaking of pregnancy, no man has to go through the approximate 9-month ordeal of allowing a human being to grow inside them. Despite the glowing charm of an expectant mother, being pregnant is nothing that any typical woman would call easy. Babies inside bodies have all sorts of strange effects on the mother. The skin on her abdomen stretches and leaves scarring. She can’t see her feet for months, and the baby causes strange cravings. There is so much more could be complained about, it’s almost unbelievable.

3-Labor and Delivery

Childbirth is another thing. After going through 9 months of carrying a baby, it’s time for labor and delivery. This is where women experience the curse God referred to in the Garden of Eden. It hurts really badly to have babies, unless you have a skilled person administering an epidural or saddle block. Sometimes the pain of labor stretches on for days. The passage babies have to get through is impossibly narrow. Based on the way men usually react when they have an illness such as a cold, if males were responsible for childbirth, civilization would have never lasted this long. Humans would have gone the way of the extinct dinosaurs.

4-Looking Good

Like the fancy peacock, men strut around looking perfectly fine, though even without makeup of any kind. As they grow older, it is considered perfectly acceptable for men to have paunches. Women, to the contrary, must usually labor daily with the process of looking good enough to step out into public. Men have no earthly idea how easy they have it.

This is really a short of list of ways in which men have it made. It’s okay, though. Women may have to stand in longer bathroom lines, but they also have many wonderful superpowers, such as surviving the things listed in above bullet point list while not even wanting to be a member of the opposite sex.

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