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10 Activities That Will Make Your Memorial Day Weekend Not Crappy

How To Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend is a national holiday in which we recognize the sacrifice of fallen military members. A lot of people celebrate with patriotic activities, but that’s not for everyone. 

The following is an eclectic list of things you can do to have an uncrappy Memorial Day Weekend.

10 Memorial Day Weekend Activities

1.) Sleep In

Depending on the kind of job you have, just getting to sleep in on a national holiday is utterly fantastic.

2.) 3 Day Weekend

Shake the dust off that dusty town you live in and take a three-day weekend to somewhere with people and stuff you like.

3.) Wear a Flag

Do you wait all year to be fashionable while wearing an obscene amount of red, white, and blue? This is the weekend for you! Get dressed and grab a flag.

4.) Watch a Parade

No matter where you live, there’s a Memorial Day parade within a relatively short driving distance. Go to one with your friends and/or loved ones and enjoy a tradition that goes back to the Civil War days.

5.) Drink!

It’s a three-day weekend and the unofficial kick-off for summer. Kick back and drink your alcohol of choice. Just don’t drive while intoxicated.

6.) Go Skinny Dipping

Everyone has their own way of celebrating the freedoms in our nation. Nudity isn’t a lawful freedom everywhere, but skinny dipping in hot weather is undeniably a beloved tradition. Revel in it!

7.) Bask in the Sun

Don’t wait for an invitation from summer. Lay in the sun and get started on your natural tan.

8.) Go to a Movie

A new Star Wars movie is opening on Memorial Day Weekend. You can also see highly rated blockbusters Deadpool 2, A Quiet Place, or First Reformed. Don’t forget to allot time for standing in line to get popcorn before taking a seat.

9.) Salute a Veteran

It feels good sometimes to just do the right thing. Show respect for people in the military. Bring flowers to graves of fallen heroes. Call the local veteran’s office and find out if there is something you can do to help local veterans because many of them are struggling.

10.) Party!

Have a barbeque, provide a keg or two, hire a band or a DJ, and be generous with your invitations. What is freedom for if not to eat steak and party till you drop?

Memorial Day Weekend Fun

Choose one of the above or whatever. Just don’t have yourself a crappy Memorial Day Weekend. 

That would suck and it's completely unnecessary.

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